What other collection methods can you use instead of surveys?


Question:  I have to use surveys a lot.  I do not feel confident with that kind of collection method for staff because I feel like people will answer what they think we want to hear.  Do you have a better idea for collecting this information, or tips on how to help build a survey that people would answer truthfully?

Surveys do only collect data about attitudes and knowledge, certainly not behaviours. If you want to measure what’s actually happening, you need to find ways to observe evidence of what’s happening.

If you want to know objectively when rules are being complied with, one way is to define when and how you’d know if any rule was being broken.  An audit process would then involve someone looking for that evidence.  Like with a survey, this means designing and selecting a random sample of situations where a rule applies, and then perhaps counting up the incidents of rules being broken in that sample of situations.

It may be a good idea to do a pilot test of the data collection before you lock in the measure.

And remember, you will still need a form of some kind – whether paper-based or electronic – to capture the data.