How can I phase performance measurement into an organisation?


Question:  While I love this process and want to instantly introduce it to my entire organization, that is just not possible. I am increasingly feeling overwhelmed. Not only do we not have a Measures DEPARTMENT, it is only ONE part of what I do, too.  I could see this taking a year or more to cover the whole company.  How would you suggest phasing something like this into an organization – getting our first pilot crew up and going in depth?

It’s understandable that you might be feeling overwhelmed now that you see what it takes to truly develop performance measures that are meaningful.  It might help to keep reminding yourself (and your colleagues and managers) that good performance measurement is one of the most powerful culture change mechanisms. Just have a read of Dean Spitzer’s book “Transforming Performance Measurement” and you’ll see what I mean (if you don’t already).

It does take between 2 and 3 years for an organisation to fully implement a powerful performance measurement system that focuses the majority of people on the right things. But can you imagine what a huge difference that will make when it happens? We say we don’t have the resources to do performance measurement properly, but somehow we keep finding the resources to do all the rework and redundant and irrelevant things.

If you can leverage the pilot group you’re taking through PuMP now, and showcase them as a great example of what happens when people are measuring the right things, that will be one of the best influencers you’ll have to show management that this needs to be resourced.  Organisations that take measurement seriously usually have a team of 2 to 5 Performance Measurement Officers who work as part of the Strategy Office, doing exactly what you’re doing now.

One step at a time, get a few successful runs on the board and then influence upwards.