Who and how many should I invite to my Measure Gallery?


Question:  I am just starting my project with a government organization. They have spent quite a bit of time to gather public’s input on their strategic plan, would you recommend the gallery be open to the public?  I like the idea of getting input from important external stakeholders but just am a little concerned about the extent of the effort and the cycle time of that step.

It’s always better, ESPECIALLY your first time in applying something new that you learn, like PuMP, that you keep it smaller and more focused. Treat your first Measure Gallery like a pilot test. That will help you learn how much effort you need for the way you want to run it, and it will ensure you practice and finetune before you make it too big.

That said, you absolutely can open your Measure Gallery to the public. You might not want EVERYONE to come along, so you could be more strategic in who you invite. But in general, I am a big advocate of inviting important external stakeholders to Measure Galleries.