Should we create a Results Map for each theme under the BSC?


Question:  Our Measures Team just finished mapping our Mission Statement as our first Results Mapping exercise.  I was wondering if we should create a Results Map for each separate theme under the Balanced Scorecard (ie: Customer, Internal Business Process, Financial, and Learning & Growth).

We developed a Strategic Plan using the Balanced Scorecard 3 years ago and developed our Mission Statement at the same time. Our scorecard has since gone through too many revisions and there hasn’t been much buy-in from staff. I’m looking for a way to include what is good about our Balanced Scorecard in this process because there are some decent objectives that came out of each version, but I believe people have just forgotten why we created those objectives in the first place.  I’m thinking our Mission Statement could stand alone as our Customer Scorecard Map and we should create more Results Maps for Process, Financial and Learning & Growth.

Try and keep all your 4 Balanced Scorecard perspectives on the same Results Map. You can create “slices” around the Results Map and have each slice correspond to a perspective. This way, you don’t lose the cause-effect relationships among the strategic objectives across the perspectives.

Certainly if you get staff to help with this process of Results Mapping, the buy-in should increase again.